Monday, June 19, 2017

"Kemono Friends" Stage Play will Return in January 2018!

The stage play based on the Kemono Friends franchise ended its sold-out five-day run (nine performances) on Sunday, then announced that it will have its rerun in January 2018, moving to a twice bigger venue at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo.


The first stage play featuring all of the TV anime voice cast members of the animal girl characters, including the three of Doubutsu Biscuits and the five of PPP (PePaPu), was performed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club EX (capacity: 365) in Tokyo nine times from June 14 to 18. It was originally scheduled to perform seven times, but after its advance tickets were immediately sold out, two performances were hurriedly added on 15 and 16.


Its rerun is scheduled to be at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo (capacity: 830) from January 13 to 21, 2018. It will be again directed by Hiroki Murakami, the leader of Tokyo-based theater company Sessya Meuniere,

and all of the main cast members are confirmed to return. In addition, voice actress Mami Yamashita,

who voiced Margay in the TV anime, will make a guest appearance as Rockhopper Penguin. Pre-sales

of the advance tickets for the fan club members willl begin tomorrow, June 20.



Before and after the closing day, the cast members posted their photos on their Twitter.


Yuka Ozaki (Serval)


 Kana Motomiya (Fennec)


Saki Ono (Raccoon)


Mikoi Sasaki (Royal penguin)


Ruka Nemoto (Emperor Penguin)


Kyoka Tamura (Gentoo penguin)


Aina Aiba (Rockhopper penguin)


Ikuko Chikuta (Humboldt penguin)



Dress rehearsal (via: MAiDiGi TV) 


Cast interviews





Source: "Kemono Friends" franchise official website


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