Thursday, June 29, 2017

Old and New Friends Appear in "Kaito x Ansa" Cast Announcement


Kaito and Ansa are the title characters and new quiz participants in the upcoming Nazotokine spinoff -- but it looks like they won't be going in unprepared! Some new cast members, as well as a few familiar faces, have been confirmed as coming to Kaito x Ansa.

Nazotokine leading lady Tokine Amino won't be leaving her new partners in the lurch. Natsuko Hara will be returning to reprise her roll. Similarly, Sora Tokui will be returning to play the rabbit-like quizmaster Hacchin.



New to the series is the cute and bubbly Hinata Takaragawa, played by Emi Nitta (Honoka, Love Live!). Also on board is a new Qmanoid named Yocchin, voiced by Kenichi Suzumura (Atsushi, Kuroko's Basketball).

Legendary Japanese pro-wrestler Genichiro Tenryu will also be playing a special guest role in the series.

Kaito x Ansa sees the two title characters taking on the same roles Tokine did in Nazotokine -- but now they're protecting their hometown from the villainous Yuu Kuromu with their puzzle solving skills.


Source: Ota-Suke




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