Thursday, June 29, 2017

Button Mash With Megumin On "Konosuba" Amazon-Limited Art

A month from today, Japan get the final volume of Konosuba 2 anime Blu-ray release. As they get ready to say goodbye, a new look at one of the story exclusive bonus items has been published. Fans who stocked up through will be getting a box that will hold the 10 volumes that comprise the two season of the fantasy comedy. 




Earlier previews

Toranora box


Amazon Japan box


Gamers box


Animate tapestry


Sofmap tapesty


Amiami clock


Chara-ani, Book Walker mini-blanket (Size: 43 × 63cm) 


Neo-wing cloth poster - 160cm


Getchu long tapestry (about 680mm × 1030mm) 

Joshin bed sheets


HMV box


Imajin cloth poster


And the cover art




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