Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Vocaloid Yuzuki Yukari Gets New Life-Size Figure in Police Officer Costume

Following the kappougi (coverall apron) model released in October 2016 and immediately sold out, Aichi-based human scale figure company FIGUREX has started accepting pre-orders for a new 159cm tall figure of Yuzuki Yukari, one of the vocaloid characters produced by Vocalomakets, in her police officer costume at the price of 1,280,000 yen (about 11,440 US dollars) for an April 2018 release.


The company was established in February 2010 and has released various human scale figures based on popular anime charcters, such as Renge Miyauchi (Non Non Biyori) and Rem (Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World). 


This new life size figure is based on her 1/8 scale figure released by Pulchra in April 2017. Both figures are inspired by the illustration drawn by her official illustrator Ju Ayakura (Spice and Wolf) for Tokyo

Metropolitan Police Department's crime prevention application "Digi Police" in March 2016. As with

the previous model, this police officer model also contains a speaker in its body, so you can make her

play your favorite music, or even speak with her own vocaloid voices.



Original illustration by Ju Ayakura




PV for the kappougi model


Original illustration by Ju Ayakura


Product photos



Source: Figurex press release


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