Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Four New Girls Join the "Toji no Miko" Brawl


The cast of Toji no Miko -- an upcoming original anime about sword-wielding, ghost-busting shrine maidens competing in combat trials -- has expanded again. Four new girls are joining up and getting ready to compete!


Maki Shidou: First-seat guard. The competition's most recent champion, a faithful swordswoman who can win a battle with a single, heavy strike. Popular with everyone, regardless of gender.


Suzuka Korehana: Second-seat guard. Daughter of the prestigious Konohana family, and currently celebrating her second consecutive second-place victory in the competition. Graceful, intelligent, and a keen strategist, she considers Maki her #1 rival.


Yomi Satsuki: Third-seat guard. Yomi very rarely speaks or takes action unless absolutely necessary. Unlike Maki and Suzuka, she does very little publicly and has no recent achievements to her name. Thus, her talents and abilities are a mystery.


Yume Tsubakuro: Fourth-seat guard. The youngest of the swordswomen, with a skill said to even surpass Maki's. But her personality matches her age, and thus she rarely handles serious situations carefully or thoughtfully.


The fighting shrine maidens of Toji no Miko are part of an ancient force trained to combat supernatural threats in Japan. Trained across five schools, they compete regularly to test their skill and establish their rank among their fellow miko.


Source: MoCa-News




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