Friday, June 30, 2017

Nintendo Classics Get Smart with "Smart Boy" Converter


UK gaming company PQube is teaming up with LA's Hyperkin to bring some retro action to your smartphones. Dust off your Gameboy cartridges, because the Smart Boy is here to help you revisit them.


The Smart Boy was adapted to fit current gen Android phones (such as the Samsung 8), and supports GBA-based apps downloaded by Google Play. Best of all, it can actually run GameBoy and GBA cartridges! The unit also includes a battery that can be charged through the phone itself, allowing for 5 hours of gameplay.



The development kit created late in 2016 advertised compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, but at present it seems only Android is supported. Sorry, Mac users -- but hopefully your day will come!


The Smart Boy is currently available for preorder in Europe for £59.99, with units expected to ship this September.

Source: PQube


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