Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" OVA Previewed, And That's Koichi?! Oh My...

The art style of author Hirohiko Araki has certainly been dynamic over what's now been 30 years of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. TV anime followers will have seen this in Jotaro's transition from Stardust Crusaders to Diamond is Unbreakable. Now, viewers will see the Morioh crew updated for his modern style in an ova adaptation of the 46-page 5th episode of the Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai/Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan manga. 


Mai Nakahara and Kaori Mizuhashu join the returning cast as manga editor Kyōka Izumi and Ikkyū.


Toshiyuki Kato returns to direct the the David Production work with Yasufumi Soejima assisting, animation director Shunichi Ishimotgo on character design and Kenta Mimuro on Stand design.


The OVA is a bonus for purchasers of the full 13 volumes of Diamond Is Unbreakable's anime.



How Araki's style has evolved


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