Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Japanese "Ghost In The Shell" Home Video Release To Bundle 1995 Film

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The polarizing live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell wasn't without controversy, whether it be from the accusations of whitewashing for the lead role or the rough handling of its core concepts compared to both the source manga and 1995 animated film adaptation. With the film essentially reliant upon international box office success given its poor reception in the US, it's no surprise that the home video release would come shortly after its theatrical run, although I don't think anyone expected the Japanese home video release to be the most compelling.


NBCUniversal Japan has announced four versions of the Japanese home video release (one two-disc 3D Blu-Ray, one two-disc 4K Blu-Ray, one with a third bonus features DVD and the Twin Pack bundling the animated film), with the most expensive version featuring a bundled Blu-Ray featuring the 1995 animated film version of Ghost in the Shell along with 4K/3D Blu-Ray versions of the live-action film and additional behind the scenes/bonus footage in each version.


While the listings point to the original animated film being included, going so far as to list that version in the specifications, anything can happen between now and release. If you're willing to pay ~$95 to find out, that's how much the limited run Twin Pack version costs to import as of this writing. Who knows, we might get lucky.


Special thanks to Mamoru Oshii scholar Brian Ruh

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