Friday, June 16, 2017

Watch "Love Live!" Honoka VA Emi Nitta's Newest Music Video "Smile again with you"

Bushiroad Music's official YouTube channel has posted a 100-second short music video for 31-year-old anime voice actress/singer Emi Nitta's newest music video "Smile again with you." The newly-recorded song will be included in her upcoming best album "Trace of EMUSIC" to be released on July 19. The two-disc album contains all of the songs that she has released in her solo singer career since September 2014, and its bonus Blu-ray includes all of her seven music videos.   


She is best known as Honoka Kosaka in the Love Live! franchise and as a member of its VA unit μ's. While she has not joined any TV anime series this year, she has been hosting her own internet radio show "Nitta Emi's Emusic Rockets" since April, and is scheduled to hold her solo concert at Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo on August 8 and 9. Its first day is titled "Trace of EMUSIC ~THE LIVE~" and the second day is "Trace of EMUSIC ~THE HISTORY~."


"Smile again with you" short MV


"Trace of EMUSIC" CD jacket



1st single "Egao to egao de hajimaru yo!" (September 10, 2014)


2nd single ""Tankyu Dreaming" (February 18, 2015)



3rd single "NEXT PHASE" (February 18, 2015)



4th single "Meiyaku no Kanata" (February 17, 2016)



5th single "ROCKET HEART" (April 19, 2017)



Source: Emi Nitta music official website


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