Friday, June 16, 2017

"Shonen Jump" End Pair Of Manga Series

As new series join manga magazine Shonen Jump, a pair of, still fairly new, series are ending. This week's issue sees the debut of  Shudan! a soccer manga by Straighten Up's Yokota Takuma (aka YOKO) and the end of Yuuji Kimura's U19 (plus a week off for My Hero Academia). An early look at next week's revealed that, along with the debut of Date Tsunehiro's Cross Account, it will the end of Hitsuji Gondaria's Demon Prince Poro's Diaries (Poro no Ryuugaku-ki) - and a week off for One Piece. 


While the new series are getting a three-chapter "Jump Star" sample in Viz's English edition of Shonen Jump, the ending series got the same treatment.


Next week's Jump cover and preview for upcoming June 26th return of Hunter x Hunter.


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