Sunday, June 25, 2017

Shibuya Celebrates Summer with Vocaloid Pop-Up Shop


The Vocaloids are ready for the beach in colorful new art celebrating Shibuya's Hatsune Miku pop-up shop -- running as of this weekend!


Taking place on floor 8 of Shibuya Marui, the "Hatsune Miku SUMMER FESTIVAL" will include a variety of special goods featuring the new art. And starting July 7, a new series of merch will be rolled out featuring a second summery design:



At present, the shop is offering summery beaded bracelets, character fans, geometric design shirts, macaron charms, and "Happiness Pudding" with sweet blue and sour yellow sauce:



Customers who spend over 5,000 yen at the shop will also receive a special shopping bag featuring the event's key art.



More cool stuff will be rolling out as the event goes on, including new merchandise, an illustration exhibition, a lottery, and more themed snacks.


More information is available on the event's official website.


Source: Marui Group, MoCa News, Artemis Kings




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