Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Love Rice" Stage Play Adaptation Scheduled for This Fall

After the broadcast of the final 12th episode last night in Japan, Love Kome -We Love Rice-/Love Rice, the original TV anime series featuring five personifications of popular Japanese rice brands, confirmed that its stage play adaptation is scheduled to be held by Nelke Planning this fall. The Tokyo-based company has produced many stage plays inspired by popular anime series, such as Black Butler, The Prince of Tennis, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Haikyu!!, and the most recent Kemono Friends


The anime's official Twitter says, "It will be truly adapted into a stage play. Please wait for the follow up."




The Yaoyoruzu (Kemono Friends)-planned anime series premiered in Japan on April 5, and has been also

available to Crunchyroll members worldwide except Asia. Its first DVD including the first four episodes will

be released in Japan tomorrow, June 23 (no Blu-ray release is planned).


DVD volume 1 jacket illustration



Scenes from the 12th episode (via the anime's official Twitter)



Source: "Love Kome -We Love Rice-/Love Rice" official Twitter


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