Thursday, June 1, 2017

"In This Corner of the World" DVD/Blu-ray Release Set for September 15

The official website for the anime film adaptation of Fumiyo Kouno's award-winning manga Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni/In This Corner of the World announced today that its DVD/Blu-ray will be released in Japan on September 15, 2017. The Sunao Katabuchi (Black Lagoon, Mai Mai Miracle)-directed film was released in Japan on November 12, 2016, and is still running in three theaters in Tokyo and Osaka. It has attracted 1,995,474 audience in 201 days since its release, earning over 2.58 billion yen so far.


The Blu-ray will be released in two editions: regular and special limited edition, while the DVD has only the regular edition. The regular edition of both the DVD and Blu-ray have 10-minute bonus footage, in addition to the 129-minute film. The special limited edition of the Blu-ray comes with a 240-minute bonus disc and a 100-page booklet. All DVD/Blu-ray editions are confirmed to have the Japanese and English subtitles.


Bonus footage for both the DVD and Blu-ray: 


 -Pilot film

 -"Fuyu no Kioku" (The Memory of Winter)

  (the OP episode for the event for the crowdfunding supporters)


-Theatrical trailers

-TV spots

-"Suzu-san no Arigato" clip


Blu-ray limited special edition bonus disc content:


 -Making footage

 -"Non, Suzu ni Naru (Non becomes Suzu)" - tentative title

  (The main voice actress Non's interview and behind-the-scenes footage)

 -Special live concert for the release of the original soundtrack album

  performed by Katsumi Quintet (Kotoringo and others)

 -Talk event at Nerima Anime Carnival 2015

  by Sunao Katabuchi (director), Fumiyo Kouno (manga author)

 -Talk event at Kure-city Art Museum

  by Sunao Katabuchi, Fumiyo Kouno

 -Premiere screening event

  by Sunao Katabuchi, Non, Kotoringo (soundtrack composer, theme song performer)

 -"Tokoton" (thoroughly) talk event for the release

  by Sunao Katabuchi, Fumiyo Kouno, Minori Omi (Keiko Kuromura), Nanase Iwai (Rin Shiraki),

  Mayumi Shintani (Hojo-san)

-Greetings from the stage

  by Sunao Katabuchi, Non, Minori Omi, Megumi Han (Sumi Urano), Nanase iwai, Mayumi Shintani,

  Kotoringo, and more 


Blu-ray and DVD jacket images




Announcement video for the DVD/Blu-ray release



Source: "In This Corner of The World" anime film official website


© Fumiyo Kouno, Futabasha/"Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni" Production Committee


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