Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Gintama" Web Drama "Mitsuba Arc" Trailer Shows More Dramatic Scenes and Laughs

NTT DoCoMo's online video streaming service dTV has posted a 60-second trailer for the upcoming three-episode web drama based on the "Mitsuba Arc" in Hideaki Sorachi's action comedy manga series Gintama. The service will start offering the three episodes simultaneously on July 15, one day after the theatrical release of the Gintama feature film in Japan. The theme song for the film, "DECIDED" performed by six-member rock band UVERworld, is also featured in the web drama.


The arc was told in the manga's 129th to 132nd chapters, then were included in the 15th and 16th tankobon volumes. It was previously told in the TV anime's 86th and 87th episodes aired in December 2007, and has been considered as one of the most tear jerking stories in the franchise.


In addition to 26-year-old fashion model/actress Kie Kitano as a new character, Sougo Okita's older sister Mistuba, the web drama features the same cast members as the feature film, including Shun Oguri

as Gintoki Sakata. The feature film's director Yuichi Fukuda also works on the web drama as director/writer.


Two days before the streaming starts, July 13, a premiere screening event of the episodes will be held at

Hankyu Umeda Hall in Osaka. Kei Kitano and Ryo Yoshizawa (Sougo Okita) are confirmed to join for a talk








Kie Kitano as Mitsuba Okita


Source: Avex Broadcasting & Communications Inc. press release


© Hideaki Sorachi/Shueisha

© 2017 "Gintama" Production Committee


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