Friday, June 16, 2017

Former Konami Employees Blacklisted Across Industry

If you once worked for Konami, don't try putting them on your resume. Reportedly, the video game giant is now preventing "ex-Kons" from putting them down as job experience, even going so far as denying former employees health care via connections elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, former employees who went on to work for Kojima Productions seem to be the ones most under fire.



An ex-Kon says that former employees are told they may not use Konami's name on their resumes in order to get jobs. If former employees are interviewed by any media outlets, it's quite likely they will be taken to court.


While this allegedly extends to "everyone," there's special focus on people currently working for Kojima Productions. Two months ago, a Kojima exec was denied service from gaming industry health care provider ITC Kempo, reportedly because an ITC Kembo board member was also a board member at Konami.



This seems to be the most recent installment in the ongoing tensions between Konami and Kojima, ever since the break between the designer and the company was made official. For several months, Kojima's position with Konami was unknown, with the people who left Konami for Kojima even being reported as being "on loan." It soon became clear that the relationship between the gaming giant and the new company wasn't at all friendly, and things seem to have just gone downhill from there.


Konami has not responded to requests for comment.


Source: Ars Technica




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