Friday, June 23, 2017

"Date a Live" Reincarnated for Upcoming PS4 Release


Date a Live fans are about to get a one-two-tree nostalgia punch when the dating sim trilogy comes to PS4.


Titled Date a Live: Rio Reincarnation HD, the port will include all three of Compile Heart's PlayStation releases for the visual novel franchise. That includes Rinne Utopia, Ars Install, and Date a Live Twins: Rio Reincarnation.

Based on the Date a Live light novel series by Koshi Tachibana and Tsunako, the visual novel trilogy introduces a new game-specific character in each installment. The light novels also launched a manga, two anime series, and a film.


The HD release will also include the bonus drama CDs and novels packaged with each original game.


Date a Live: Rio Reincarnation HD comes out for PS4 in Japan in October, retailing for 6,800 ($61.13) yen for the regular edition and 8,800 yen ($79.10) for the limited edition. 


Source: Gematsu




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