Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Crunchyroll's Sneak Peek at "Resident Evil: Vendetta"


Fans in the US are going to have one chance to see Resident Evil: Vendetta (released in Japan as Biohazard: Vendetta) on the big screen: tonight, courtesy of Fathom Events. You'll want to check your local theaters to see who's running it near you. Fortunately, if no one is, digital and home video editions aren't far behind!


So, what can you expect in this new film?


There's a new villain on the loose.

Glenn Arias is a brand new creation for this film, and he's not wasting any time making his mark on the franchise. On the outside, he's creepy calm and scheming. But chip away the outer layer, and you'll see a damaged man whose end goals are... a little weird. It's not much of a spoiler to say the "vendetta" of the film is Glenn's, and his way of getting back what he loses in the first few minutes of the film is anything but businesslike.


Leon's been through a lot.

If you heard our recent interview with Matt Mercer and Erin Cahill, you have a general idea of just how changed many of the characters are coming into Vendetta. Leon is at a much lower point in his life, and observations from readers that he's looking a little "darker" than usual aren't far off the mark. 


Rebecca Chambers is back!


After many years, Rebecca is back, all grown up and working in a lab. (Also, call her "Professor Chambers.") In fact, it's her discovery that kicks off a great deal of the drama in the film. But just because she's grown up doesn't mean she's changed to the point of being unrecognizable: she's still Rebecca. (And she takes her coffee really, really sweet.)


There are exploding zombies.

It's probably not a shock to hear that the baddies in the new film are -- well -- big and bad. But there are some seriously crazy monsters working for Glenn, one in the form of the massive monster Diego. Though Diego and his cohort Maria are more than just hired lackeys... as you'll see in the film. But speaking of monsters...


The monsters are everywhere -- literally.

The team are fighting off a new threat this time -- a completely new virus with a few little bells and whistles that make things extra complicated. Also, the virus is widespread. Like, really widespread. Like, you might want to keep an eye on your family. Glenn Arias has been working away on this plan for a while, and our team is going to have to fight to keep up and stay alive.


And when you get to the end, bear one thing in mind...


This might not be over.

There are some serious hints that Vendetta may be a beginning rather than an ending. Keep an eye on the cast and do a head count. If something (or someone) seems to missing for a while, you're not just imagining things. Chris, Leon, and Rebecca's job may be about to get a lot worse in the near future.


Want to see for yourself? Check out Fathom Events to find a theater near you and witness all the explosive action for yourself on the big screen tonight. And starting tomorrow, it'll be available digitally.




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