Friday, June 23, 2017

Crunchyroll Adds "Eureka Seven", "Casshern Sins", "Soul Eater", "Attack on Titan: Junior High" and More to Anime Catalog

Crunchyroll continues to add fan favorite series from Funimation, and today is no exception, with Eureka Seven leading off today's additions. Unless otherwise noted, all of the additions are limited to the US and Canada.


Eureka Seven (4:00 PM PDT)

Eureka Seven key 

Renton is a teenager trapped working as a mechanic in a backwater town. He dreams of joining up with a daredevil group of pilots known as Gekkostate and following in his father’s heroic footsteps. When a mysterious beauty named Eureka shows up asking for a tune up, Renton soon finds himself drawn into a high-flying mecha dogfight that makes him a target of the military.


Casshern Sins (5:00PM PDT)

Casshern Sins key


Casshern, a cybernetic assassin with no memory, awakens in a wasteland where a plague known as the Ruin reduces everything in its path to rubble. Robots and humans alike seek vengeance against Casshern for the role he played in murdering the last hope for this world. But now, lost in a future he does not recognize, a machine built to kill will fight to save the dying. 

Soul Eater (3PM PDT)

Soul Eater key


Maka’s a Meister and Soul is her Weapon, and they’re a freakin’ lethal team in battle against the monsters and ghouls that feed on innocent souls. That’s when Soul transforms—literally—into a razor-sharp scythe and Maka wields her partner and unleashes her inner-slayer. Fighting alongside their Meister/Weapon classmates, Maka and Soul are the world’s last line of defense against evil.


Attack on Titan: Junior High (6PM PDT - Available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa)

AoT Junior High key

Your favorite characters from Attack on Titan are back in…junior high school? Adapted from the hit spinoff manga series—Attack on Titan: Junior High (written by Saki Nakagawa), this parody reimagines Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other characters from the original manga as students and teachers at Titan Junior High School.


Doamayger-D (5:30 PDT - Available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,  Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark.) 

Doamayger-D key


This retro-style throwback is a romping adventure with a sweet setting! In a traditional Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto works Daijiro Kyogoku, the latest young successor in a long line of sweet shop owners. One day, Daijiro finds a giant robot in the shop’s basement called Doamayger-D. Now, villanous robots are on the loose, and the hero we need is Doamayger-D…a candy-making mech?

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