Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Compile Heart's "Tokyo Clanpool" RPG Launches in Japan on October 5

Earlier this month Compile Heart and Dengeki teamed up to reveal Tokyo Clanpool, a new dungeon-RPG in the works for PS Vita. An update in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation offers a few more details, including a Japanese launch date of October 5. 


One of the new details is a look at the powered-up form of protagonist Natsume Kannuki. Here's her normal attire, followed by her appearance after donning her Digi-Skin and her fully-powered Holy Manifestation Mode:



The previous report mentioned Gadgeteers, which personify cyber spirits in the form of gadgets. This system will apparently be an essential component of Holy Manifestation Mode, and you can see one of the Gadgeteers below. 



Via Gematsu



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