Monday, June 19, 2017

Beat up Your Friends in New "Kemono Friends" Fighting Game


If you love Kemono Friends but think it would be greatly improved if the girls just beat each other up, fear not: some like-minded fans have filled that gap.


Kemono Fight! is a doujin game that features the girls of Japari Park (including Bag) in an all-out side-scroller fighting game. Produced by doujin circle StudioS, it includes a Story mode and Versus mode. The girls looks like they've been training, because their special moves are pretty impressive (and, in some cases, a little terrifying).



The game goes on sale July 16 at JapariKet 3, an expo devoted solely to the Kemono Friends fandom. StudioS will be at Booth PA-12 selling their wares.


As for the voices, opinion is divided, with some fans noting some excellent sound-alikes and others wishing for something a little closer. What do you think?






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