Saturday, July 1, 2017

Get Ready to Touch Fluffy Tail in New "Sengoku Night Blood" CM


Can't decide between the vampires vs. werewolves trend or the Sengoku-era prettyboy trend? Now you can have both!


Smartphone app Sengoku Night Blood was previously announced to be receiving an anime adaptation, and series makers Marvelous and Kadokawa have given us our first (albeit limited) look at what to expect from the series.


Sengoku Night Blood TV Anime Teaser CM by pKjd

The Otomate game, which takes place during Japan's Warring States period and involves the player with the leaders of vampire and werewolf clans, was released recently in Japan for iOS and Android. The new trailer also features the game's theme, "Gegga no Toki," as performed by the six lead characters, and announces an October start date for the anime.


No plans have yet been announced to release the app outside of Japan.


Source: pKjd, @senbura_eng




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