Sunday, July 2, 2017

Horse Girls Are Hot to Trot in "Uma Musume - Pretty Derby" Trailer


We're off to the races with a new trailer for the TV anime version of Uma Musume - Pretty Derby, a cross-media project by cygames, TOHO animation, and Lantis that re-imagines race horses as cute moe anime girls. The TV anime version of Uma Musume - Pretty Derby features animation by P.A. Works (Sakura Quest, The Eccentric Family 2).



The story of Uma Musume - Pretty Derby follows Special Week and her fellow horse-girl friends as they attend Toresen ("Training Center") Academy while studying and training to become the fastest horse-girl runners in Japan. The Uma Musume - Pretty Derby TV anime is scheduled to broadcast in Japan in 2018.



Cygames is also developing a smart phone game version of Uma Musume - Pretty Derby that is part racing game and part idol-raising simulator. The Uma Musume - Pretty Derby smart phone game is also scheduled to begin service in Japan in 2018.


Source: Yaraon!


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