Saturday, July 1, 2017

"Love Rice" TV Anime 2nd Season Slated for October 2017

The official Twitter for Love Kome -We Love Rice-/Love Rice, the original TV anime series featuring five personifications of popular Japanese rice brands, announced today that its second season/cour is scheduled for October 2017. The first season of the Yaoyoruzu (Kemono Friends)-planned anime series was aired for 12 episodes from April to June of this year.


According to the tweet, the story of the second cour will feature the Showtaro Morikubo-voiced character who appeared in the final 12th episode of the first season, as the new rival for the Love Rice members. 




Also as reported, its stage play adaptation is scheduled to be held by Nelke Planning this fall. The Tokyo-

based company has produced many stage plays inspired by popular anime series, such as Black Butler,

The Prince of Tennis, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Haikyu!!, and the most recent Kemono Friends



Source: "Love Kome -We Love Rice-/Love Rice" official Twitter


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