Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jump into "DIVE!!" with new VR App


Fresh from Gugenka, the company that created the Re:ZERO app that lets you rest your head on Rem's lap, comes an immersive app tied into the upcoming sports anime DIVE!! Titled DIVE!! VR Lesson, the game takes you into the world of the series with fully voiced characters and three gameplay modes.



The player takes the role of a new member of the financially-strapped Mizuki Diving Club, training with them during the summer months. Players can play in DIVE!! mode, enjoy the scenery in viewing mode, or try out Gugenka's first-ever application of a tranining mode.


In anticipation of the app's release, a retweet campaign is planned with some pretty cool prizes. Once Gugenka's official Twitter hits 7,000 followers (which they're only about 500 away from at the time of this writing), a lottery will open up offering a variety of cool goods, including three Thumbcon Gorgeous VR headsets (special DIVE!! edition not sold in stores).


DIVE!!, which airs this month, sees the MDC attempting to maintain funding for their club, which they will receive on one condition: one of its members must end up on Japan's diving team at next year's Olympics.


DIVE!! VR Training will be available for 960 yen starting in September.


Source: Anime! Anime!, @Gugenka_info




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