Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Viz Presents Message From "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" Creator

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure debuted January 1, 1987, and as the series celebrates its 30th anniversary, its cult following is just growing in North America. Big happening include the popular Stardust Crusaders headed to Toonami on July 29th. North American publisher Viz marked the big events with a message from creator Hirohiko Araki at Anime Expo. 




They also announced the cast for Stardust Crusaders' Iggy


Derek Stephen Prince joins Matthew Mercer's Jotaro Kujo, Richard Epcar's Joseph, Chris Tergliafera's Avdol, Kyle Hebert as Kakyoin, Doug Erholtz's Polnareff and Patrick Seitz's Dio Brando



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