Saturday, June 24, 2017

Watch Ayana Taketatsu's Meat-Loving Song "Rice To Meat You" Special Live MV

As part of the fifth anniversary for her singer activity, the official website for 27-year-old popular anime voice actress Ayana Taketatsu has posted a two-minute special music video of fan favorite song "Rice to Meat You" compiling her past live performance footage. The song with the meat-loving theme was originally included in her 1st full album "apple symphony" released in April 2013 and used as a campaign song for Japanese roast-meat restaurant chain Anan.


"Rice to Meat You" special live MV


"Rice to Meat You" original MV



Taketatsu, best known as Azusa Nakano in K-ON! and Kirino Kosaka in Oreimo, has released nine

singles and three albums as a solo singer. Her first best album is announced to be released and

her record company Pony canyon has been accepting votes from the fans for their choices for it.

You can vote your favorite song that should be in the album from here.




Source: Ayana Taketatsu official website




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