Saturday, June 24, 2017

Judge Finds In Favor Of Current "Evangelion" Studio Khara In Suit Against Original Studio Gainax

Back in December, as Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno's new Khara was celebrating its 10th anniversary, they filed a lawsuit in Tokyo District Court aiming to collect 100million yen owed by Gainax from a royalty agreement relating to income from projects that Anno contributed to and a loan from August 2014. A Tokyo judge from the district's Tachikawa Branch has now found in favor of Khara and order Gainax to pay the full amount.


While Gainax is not appealing and the ruling is being finalized, Khara responded with a "no comment."


When news of the suit first broke, reports asserted that Gainax has not had a significant hit since Evangelion and has been on the downturn since the late '90s, explaining that in the latest fiscal period, ending July 2016, Gainax made 240 million yen - a tenth of their revenue from five years ago, and that they have debts in excess of a billion yen.



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