Saturday, June 24, 2017

Crunchyroll @ Anime Expo 2017: Introducing the Crunchyroll Foyer - Part 2!

Only one more week until Anime Expo 2017 begins! Can you believe it?


( Don’t worry. Neither can we. )


Anyway~ the final countdown to one of the biggest anime events of the year has begun, so let’s not waste any more time and jump right into today’s announcement! Continuing from where we left off yesterday with the BIG reveal of the Crunchyroll Foyer, we’re highlighting even more things you’ll find in this brand new event space.


Remember those premium bags we had last year? Well, those are back again for 2017 with all new designs! The bags will be available for pick up in the Crunchyroll Foyer. All you have to do is stop by and log in to verify your Premium Membership.



There will be 5 different bags to choose from -- Yuri!!! On ICE, Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, and Kabaneri. Just remember, supplies are limited. So be so be sure to stop by early to claim the bag you want.


Not a Crunchyroll Premium Member yet? No problem! Sign up for a free trial at the Crunchyroll Foyer and you’ll still get a free bag.


Limit one bag per Premium Member account.




And while we’re on the topic of free stuff, there will also be a table filled with free stuff for everyone to enjoy! From posters featuring your favorite anime titles to adorable Bananya pins, everything on this table is free to take.


The Crunchyroll Foyer is also the place to purchase tickets to Crunchyroll Expo, which will take place in Santa Clara, CA from August 25th to the 27th. Purchase your tickets on-site at Anime Expo and receive a free, limited edition Crunchyroll pin! Supplies are limited so be sure to come by early.


Already purchased your tickets to Crunchyroll Expo? No problem! Just show your e-mail with proof of purchase and you still will receive a pin.



We’re also extremely excited to announce that the Crunchyroll Foyer will feature TWO of Adam Savage’s incredible cosplays. That’s right! Thanks to our friends over at VRV and Tested, Adam Savage’s Totoro and No-Face cosplays will be on display all weekend long! So even if you missed seeing him at a previous convention, you’ll have another chance to check out these awesome costumes in person.



Oh, and one last thing that I should probably mention -- be on the lookout for titans when you stop by the Crunchyroll Foyer!



We will have a giant Attack on Titan head in the foyer to take pictures with, so be sure to not miss it! It’s huge, so it should be easy to find it.


Stay tuned for even more announcements next week!

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