Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ALI PROJECT Goes Full Goth Lolita for Their 25th Anniversary

It's anisong duo ALI PROJECT's 25th anniversary, and their fans are the ones who get the gift: a double album of the band's greatest hits titled Chi to Mitsu - Anthology of Gothic Lolita and Horror, featuring new songs and beautiful photography.



The pair have created music for anime series like Another, Rozen Maiden, and Code Geass. The collection is divided into two discs: Gothic Lolita, which includes tracks like Rozen Maiden's “Kinjirareta Asobi” and “Seishojoryoiki”; and Gothic Horror, with tracks like Another's "Kyoumu Densen."


The set also includes two new songs and music videos created especially for the collection: "Royal Academy Gothic Lolita" and "Shojo Misso Le sang et le miel."



The band has released a full track list for the set:


Disc 1 / Gothic Lolita
01. Watashi no Bara wo Kaminasai (from the anime “Rozen Maiden 2013″)
02. ALICE Dozai Innocent
03. Rose ke no Futago
04. Yuri no Hibi wa Tuioku no Naka ni Hisomikaoru
05. Otome no Aganai
06. Reijo Bara Zukan
07. Barami to Yurine no Fushigi na Hotel
08. Lolicate
09. à la cuisine
10. Shojo to Suimitsuto
11. Royal Academy Gothic Lolita
12. Kinjirareta Asobi (strings version) (from the anime “Rozen Maiden”)
13. Seishoujo Ryouiki (orchestra version) (from the anime “Rozen Maiden: Träumend”)
14. Baragoku Otome (strings version) (from the anime “Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre”)
15. Fräulein Rose
16. Koyoi Aoi Mori Fukaku

Disc 2 / Gothic Horror
01. Kyoumu Densen (from the anime “Another”)
02. Sekka Zange Shinju
03. Yomi no Tasogare no Utsuronaru Aoki Hiromi no
04. Chi no Dansho
05. Rokudo Rinne Survival
06. Kinsho
07. Shojo Misso Le sang et le miel
08. Beijing LOVERS
09. Abiyo Shindai
10. Renka Yuren
11. Gantai Usagi to Hotai Hitsuji no March
12. Rodoku suru Jochu to Chisana Reijo
13. Onnakasei Bugakuzu
14. Akai Rosoku to Kingyo
15. Himitsu no Hanazono

Shojo Misso Le sang et le miel Music Video
Royal Academy of Gothic Lolita Music Video
Chi to Mitsu – Anthology of Gothic Lolita & Horror – Shooting in France –


Check out clips from their two new music videos:





The photos and music videos were shot in France's Château de Fontainebleau, the home of the French monarchs from the reign of Louis VII to Napoleon III.


ALI PROJECT 25th Anniversary Best Album: Chi to Mitsu – Anthology of Gothic Lolita & Horror will be released on June 21. The pair will also be appearing at Anime Expo's Anisong World Matsuri on July 1. Visit this site for tickets and information.


Source: RESONANCE Media




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